Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us?


We are the cleaner choice. What we use to clean our space makes it into our bodies.  We only use organic ingredients and pure earth substances.  We only use products with certified organic ingredients, which reduces chemicals on surfaces and in your air, keeping your family safe and healthy.  

Owner Operated


SteamTeam is owned and operated by John Licitra. 

John has been working in the cleaning and restoration industry for over 30 years and is a certified expert in every area of service that we offer. 

During his time working with other companies he felt something was missing from the service aspect of the business and that it could be done better.

Our mission statement is to give an EXTRAORDINARY service experience from beginning to end.  Steamteam is now in its 15th year and John is still involved with every single job that we do.

What about pets?


Pets are a part of the family, and so we clean up after them as well! During service we recommend that you do keep your pet somewhere they will be comfortable — not all of our furry friends like the sound of vacuums or unfamiliar people in their space. Let us know how you'd like to handle your pet ahead of time to keep them safe and happy.